Customer Care Services

Is it difficult to support your customers and prospects efficiently while meeting your budget? XL World delivers the best mix of skilled people, multi-language support, efficient technology and near-shore costs.

Wide language coverage: XL World agents speak all major European languages. This allows the client to support all its customers from a unique location saving the management effort needed to coordinate different locations.

Wide range of skills: XL World can handle both general customer care and technical support.

IVR and ACD: Calls are routed automatically to the best agent based on skills, priority and availability. An interactive voice prompt can guide the client to the correct group of agents or give information automatically. XL World IT staff is able to integrate the IVR with its client's systems.

24x7 support: XL World offers support around the clock, 365 days per year.

Near-shore location: Romania and Albania are easy to reach from Central Europe, yet offer the cost advantages of a developing country.